Amongst others, "El Martinete" is the name of a Flamenco style of music which was converted into a dance routine by dancer and choreographer Antonio Ruiz Soler in the 1950´s, known artistically as Antonio El Bailarín.

antonio-ruiz-soler Antonio was a well respected celebrity in the world of dance whose career included performances all round the world and parts in many films, two of which were produced in Hollywood.

Significantly, although since re-built, the villa was originally owned by Antonio who was a personal friend of Pablo Picasso as demonstrated by the much treasured personal signature of the swimming pool.

Due to the excellent climate and abundance of beach and golf locations, Marbella has long been a preferred destination for many a celebrity and still is today. The Villa has been rented in recent years for many private, social and artistic events.Photographers have enjoyed the décor of the many rooms and the exotic backdrop of the gardens, for fashion, portrait and creative shoots. Film makers have found the villa most suitable for various movies and have also simply enjoyed it´s salubrious comfort in between filming.

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originally owned by actor and flamenco dancer antonio el bailarín


Antonio was a personal friend of

pablo picasso

pablo-picassowho´s autograph proudly lines the bottom of the swimming pool.

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